The new campaign to launch Noice, a locally made audio content app for Indonesians.
In this campaign, we want to convey that Noice has everything from podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and Noice Live to our intended target audiences in all over Indonesia, especially to the second cities. So how do we do that? By using hyperlocal insights and moments, we can deliver a particular message that would be related to the locals.
Aside from digital video, we also spread the message throughout the corner of the cities using collateral materials.

Executive Creative Director: Lembu Wiwori Jati
Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Group Head: Audra Syah Rasjid
Creative Team: Devi Merakati, Finaldy Suryono, Pondra Gilang
Illustrator: Pondra Gilang, Cita
Account Team: Detriannis Andjani, Wayan Gede Prabu
Producer: Niken
Film Director: Redotebe
Production House: Mejikuviniu

people have to follow one of the pose in the scenes
from our digital video

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