To celebrate the 23rd anniversary, Mandiri launched the new products, 
named Livin’ and Kopra. 

In this TV commercial, we want to inform the audience that Mandiri as an enabler for welcoming any possibilities in the future by transforming into digital banking. Mandiri gives the audience comprehensive services, so it can help the audience to have easier, and faster transactions. Mandiri also can fulfill the audience's needs through one access.

We delivered the messages with treatment before after. We captured life in the current situation, and life in the future. So, when the audience sees the future life, the visual has changed to be a futuristic style and life becomes easier with Mandiri.
Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Group Head: Eno Ruge
Creative Team: Meilidha Nabila, Jocelyne Aurellia, Azvina Firanza Alamsyah, Afra Abidin
Producer: Andy Mirza Saputra
Account Team: Eby Karsono, Nannita Fuadi, Fauzan
Film Director: Sinung Winahyoko
Production House: LiQuid

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