In this Ramadan campaign, we want to answer the confusions of Indonesian that already adapt to the pandemic situation but are still not sure about how they can fulfill this year's Ramadan in the middle of limitation. 

This is the opportunity for us to show how the brand can break that limit by empowering people to fulfill their Ramadan’s good deeds through an unlimited internet quota.

We started by creating a buzz of “surat terbuka” for the government by Arief Muhammad that demand solution for people who can’t visit their family this ramadhan season, that responded by Anya Geraldine that also supporting the Idea. While people were still talking about that, we launched the billboard  campaign showcasing ramadhan soap operas in order to make people speculate that they’ll be a main role in a new ramadan soap opera. 

Next we launched the video commercial that revealed their collaboration with Smartfren to encourage people to make their Ramadhan Extra Faedah with Smartfren Unlimited Maxi that enables them to create meaningful and positive contents with unlimited internet that can be access 24 hours from across Indonesia and their newest feature of Extra Unlimited Malam Full Speed that can be use from 01.00 AM to 5.00 AM. This video has been watched more than 9m times on youtube and has succeeded in creating buzz about the product.

To support the idea of making Ramadan Extra Faedah with Smartfren product, we also create a suhoor content to accompany the audience during their breakfast time with games and interactive content that inform the Extra Unlimited Malam Full Speed USP. We also create contextual ads to engage with the audience every time of the day with relatable content that inspires them to do positive things with their Smartfren internet.

To showcase the product’s USP further, we also create a UGC activity where we invite audiences to share their own experiences of Ramadan Extra Faedah with Smartfren.

Last but not least, to cheer the ramadan moment, we create Instagram stickers with ramadan messages to be used on audience stories during Eid al-Fitr.

We hope this campaign will create a lasting positive ripple effect and can encourage more people to create positive contents on the internet. 

Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Group Head: Audra Syah Rasjid & Eno Ruge
Art Director: Fajar Utomo, Adila Amilia Mochtar
Copywriter: Maynita Eva, Azvina Firanza
Graphic Designer: Maha Putra
Illustrator: Adila Amilia Mochtar
Photographer: Anton Ismael
Film Director: ASMR

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