There is a stigma on MSG that it’s unhealthy and harmful seasoning ingredients that can affect the cognitive performance of the human body if it’s consumed regularly in the long term. 

This is the time to break those stigmas. 

We give a new meaning of the 'generasi micin' terms, from what people mostly refer to as young and reckless, become a term that representing people who have the freedom to be themselves and have the courage to go beyond the limit. We also break the stigma around MSG and young people by making puns out of the abbreviation into some millennial stereotypes. 

So in the end,  they will never look "MSG" the same again.

Chief Creative Officer: Yerry Indrajaya
Associate Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Strategist: Ariobimo Raharjo
Art Director: Fajar Utomo, Adila Amilia Mochtar, Rizky Adiroso
Copywriter: Hesti Sarah Indranuari, Maynita Eva Uli Panggabean
Film Director: Didi Mulyadi
Photographer: ClarissaPeddy
The billboard that breaks negative perception with a sense of humor

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