The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we do things. And one of the things that has taken a lot of effect from this situation is how we produce a content, especially videos. We have to work fast and smart to grab the moment.

Basically, the brief that came from DANA was simply to make an awareness video about their digital activity during Ramadan. However, with the tight timeline and other limitations from the situation, we have to think other options and possibilities on how to produce it. It ended up making us to think that this video is one of the most challenging, yet interesting task we have ever done.

We like it so much not because of the quality, but because how everyone was involved; it was shot 100% from home, from our own--including client's--smartphone. No buying footage or image at all!
Chief Creative Officer: Yerry Indrajaya
Associate Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Team Leader: Eno Ruge + Audra Syah Rasjid
Art Director: Windy Alya
Copywriter: Azvina Firanza Alamsyah
Film Director: Ipo

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