Ramadan 2021 is not much different from the previous year's, the pandemic is still here and people are getting tired of it that they start to ignore the health protocols.
As a banking institution that cares about the nation’s wellbeing, Danamon aimed to encourage people to keep celebrating this year’s Ramadan with the same festivity as Ramadan before pandemic, yet still wisely paying attention to all ‘new normal’ protocols.
#RamadanBijak is amplified online and on-site, with digital video on Danamon’s social media as the core of the campaign alongside with user generated content activation about 30 days tips of how to control yourself during Ramadan. The video also aired on Danamon’s owned LED billboard at the centre of the city.

Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Group Head: Eno Ruge & Audra Syah Rasjid
Senior Art Director: Gianine Cindy
Graphic Designer: Jocelyne Aurelia
Copywriter: Hesti Sarah & Afra Aufalina
Film Director: Indra Jaya

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