Many Indonesians, especially housewives, have always preferred traditional coconut milk to guarantee its authenticity. In this modern world, they started to consider the ready-to-cook ones to save more cooking time, but they all look the same. Sasa Santan then came up with Santan Terindah, an easy-to-recall name with catchy visual materials not only to make the brand stands out but also to strongly communicate that the authentic coconut milk is the one that contains Fiber, 
Omega-3 and Omega-6, and that authentic coconut milk is Santan Terindah.

Chief Creative Officer: Yerry Indrajaya
Associate Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Creative Strategist: Ariobimo Raharjo
Art Director: Fajar Utomo
Copywriter: Biyan Ananda Basagita
Film Director: Imam Bendolt
Digital Imaging: Apix10


Key Visual

Key Visual (product)

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