Citibank National Usage Promo Program: Ramadan Digital Campaign "Ramadan is Even More Exciting"

Ramadan is a month of celebration. Where all the Muslims fast and pray to become closer to God. But it is also a time for families to gather and celebrate. A time of the year that people have been waiting for. Where every little thing and whatever we do feels exciting. By seeing this behavior, Citibank wanted to create a national usage promo program that can make people's month be even more exciting.

But how do we manage to break the clutter and win the fight amongst competitors? We design our campaign using 2 objectives to win the battle of digital marketing in Ramadan: by optimizing the relevance and increasing the effectivity. These are the key to translate our key message into a thumb stopping execution across all platform in our digital ecosystem. 

A closer look Indonesia mobile consumption during ramadan. 45% of people in Indonesia buy packaged food and drinks during Ramadan from whichever brands have the best offers. 55% of interactions on Facebook at Ramadan are driven by women. People in Indonesia spend 5% more time on Facebook & Instagram during Ramadan vs any other month. 76% of people talking about food deliveries for Sahur on Facebook & Instagram are driven by male. Facebook saw a 25% increase in conversations about healthy food during the month of Ramadan. About 93% of people in Indonesia stated on Facebook & Instagram that they were interested in attending over 350,000 Ramadan related events.

This campaign were managed to produce an efficient & effective campaign using time-targeting on Youtube & Instagram. Thus, the campaign was making the brand's communication more personal & relevant to the targeted audience.
8M+ Social Media Reach. 
+7% Retail Sales for 2-Month. 
+334% CTR vs KPI.
Digital Video
Key Visual
Basically, this promo program has 4 main category pillars: dine-in, groceries, travel, and online shopping. Based on these pillars, we managed to divide the digital contents by tapping into micro-moment: a variety of themes during Ramadan--from sahur, fasting time, breakfasting, tarawih praying, to mudik and Lebaran (Eid al-Fitr).

So, by using different messages on different time and moments, the relevance can be optimized and Citibank's NUP program can come in as an all-day reminder for the audience that leads them into purchase.

Chief Creative Officer: Yerry Indrajaya
Associate Creative Director: Max Roza Natadjaya
Strategic Planner: Ariobimo Raharjo
Jr. Planner: Azka Mufti
Graphic Designer: Adila Amilia Mochtar
Sr. Copywriter: Audra Syah Rasjid

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